Summer Trend of 2018 – Maximalist Wallpapers

SURE Planning has noticed a spike of clients moving vaguely away from monochrome simplicity and minimalist design elements. Clients are more adventurous of playing around with maximalist print wallpapers with grand patterns of plants, animals or nostalgic elements. Here are the maximalist wallpapers that SURE Planning’s team feel will be trends over the summer of 2018 and perhaps for the rest of the year.

Metallic elements

Rose gold has long been a trend colour, dominating many the colour palettes of many design consultancies for several years. Now consumers are willing to play around with different tones of metallic in their walls, to bring in a refined and luxurious feel within their interior design, in order to highlight a certain space within their rooms or to bring reflection. Maximalist wallpapers with metallic elements have become popular across the UK. They give a wonderful mix of that sophisticated ambience and benchmark a particular feature within your home well. Metallic wallpapers are statement pieces that don’t need much staging and will work well with the rest of your home decorations. SURE Planning is currently a fan of the golden metallic geometric wallpaper with a harmonious grey from House of Alice via I Love Wallpaper £18

Botanic Escapism

Plants have long been a key focus for many interior designers and enthusiasts. From various species of cacti to succulents, plants and the utlilisation of plants within your home is a growing trend also for those in search of alternative and affordable decoration pieces. This naturally leads to plants have also becoming a common theme within wallpapers. From vibrant green leaves to watercolour-effect prints with a vintage flair. We believe the maximalist wallpapers with plants will continue to grow as they bring the ambience of Kew Gardens to your home with instantly. The green tones of these plant wallpapers will also work well with neutral furniture, for those who are less comfortable with using bright colours. SURE Planning are loving fashion designer Julien Macdonald’s wallpaper collection and the Panama print, available at Debenham’s.

Refined Vintage

Romantic and nostalgic elements are receiving a contemporary approach with combining them with modern furniture elements. Prints and patterns with Victorian or baroque inspired patterns and techniques are becoming popular, by novelling the old and showcasing the wallpaper in new life. This maximalist wallpaper trend will continue, as consumers will become more appreciative of using this style of wallpaper as their rustic statement pieces within their interior decoration. The team at SURE Planning are fans of the exquisite La Main Au Collet – Caviar Wallpaper from designer Christian Lacroix.

SURE Planning is always on the look out for the latest inspiring design trends, receiving insight from industry-professionals and suppliers, we aim to make sure that your home is designed according to your style. Maximalist wallpapers will become more popular, as consumers are willing to take inspiration from some of their favourite restaurants, hotels and member’s clubs based in Mayfair and Chelsea that are renowned for their quirky, playful and experimental interior design. They will be looking to imitate these
luxurious, yet easy ways to bring that feeling of something extraordinary to their homes.

What are your thoughts on the trend of maximalist wallpapers? Share with SURE Planning’s team on twitter @SUREPlanning.

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