Planning Your Dream Kitchen Extension

Any major building project can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. Here are SURE Planning’s best tips from start to finish for that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted:

1. Size is everything!

You need to look at your kitchen and define the right size of your kitchen extension. The amount of space required for the kitchen extension depends on your lifestyle. How are you planning to use this space? It is pointless to design a kitchen that is too big or small, or doesn’t suit your family’s needs. Kitchens are usually referred to as the centre of the family house, where people gather, therefore it is important for you to carefully plan and structure the perfect kitchen for your requirements. Open plan kitchens have become very trendy, as they bring an airy ambience to the house and provide more room with the extension.

SURE Planning highly recommends at observing timeless trends on kitchen extensions and if you’re a London homeowner, you might well look into building trends in London, to add value to your house long-term. The more commercially appealing your house is, the better price you can demand for it when selling.

2. Plan your kitchen extension budget well

The cost of your new kitchen units, cookers, dining area, storage space, installation and of course the set up all add up to the cost. Even adding new tiles to the mix can stretch one’s budget. Tiling the walls will cost between £50-100m², flowing 25-100m² and building plans for a kitchen extension will range from £1200-3000. You can always ask your surveyor for more advice on how to work out the budget without stretching over.

SURE Planning highly recommends research various suppliers for quotations. If you are on a budget, it is best to go with minimal and basic materials. Sometimes these materials can work well and make your home universal, neutral and more easily sellable in the future.

If you are on a budget, it is best to negotiate with suppliers if they have any items on clearance offers. It is also advisable to research coupon websites for discount.

3. The Architect is the oracle

You will also need to find a good architect who will work with you to place, design and manage the project of your kitchen extension. Building projects can be daunting, seem complicated and become a risky investment. But working with experienced professionals who will guide you throughout your project from your planning application to project management, renovation and the finishing touches can be a good investment. SURE Planning’s team highly recommend to research your local architects well, who have experience working with similar projects.

SURE Planning has a team of experienced architects and builder who specialise in kitchen extensions in Victorian and Georgian style properties in west London. Click here to discover more about our services and begin the journey of your dream kitchen extension today!

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