Design & Construct

Design & Construct

Our team at SURE Planning can take care of all matters and processes within your project. We carry a high standard step by step procedure to ensure smooth operations

Consultation Survey

Our team will sit down with you to discuss your needs, goals, budget and vision in specifics. Within weeks, you will receive and outlined planning application covering the following matters (impact, traffic, noise, light, pollution FRA flood risk, basement and design assessment).


We aim to make your planning application efficiently approved and launch your project immediately at your convenience. We take care of all matters and ensure each process smoothly in detail (permitted development, householder application, listed building consent, D&A statement and building notice).

Project Management
and Construction

As we take care of all matters of your construction throughout the stages, we aim to ensure your opinions and needs have impact on every project. Covering all the necessary (demolition plan, drainage schedules, electric power and lighting plan, window and door schedules, tender documentations and analysis, construction management design CDM or HSE, Insurances, architectural planning and certifications).

Finishing Touches
and Decoration

SURE Planning guarantees you that your house will be completed down to the finest details. We pay attention to characteristics, working lucratively around your visions, in order to maximise your space and property value.