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Planning Your Dream Kitchen Extension

Any major building project can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. Here are SURE Planning’s best tips from start to finish for that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted: 1. Size is everything! You need to look at your kitchen and define the right size of your kitchen extension. The amount of space required for the kitchen extension depends on your lifestyle. How are you planning to use this space? It is pointless to design a kitchen that is too big or […]

Summer Trend of 2018 – Maximalist Wallpapers

SURE Planning has noticed a spike of clients moving vaguely away from monochrome simplicity and minimalist design elements. Clients are more adventurous of playing around with maximalist print wallpapers with grand patterns of plants, animals or nostalgic elements. Here are the maximalist wallpapers that SURE Planning’s team feel will be trends over the summer of 2018 and perhaps for the rest of the year. Metallic elements Rose gold has long been a trend colour, dominating many the colour palettes of […]